In Bacharach am Rhein finden Besucher und Touristen eine große Anzahl an Fremdenzimmern, Ferienwohnungen und Appartements.

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deutschThe alternative to staying in a hotel or castle hotel for a family holiday lodging accommodation for your vacation in Germany would be to rent a typical German bedroom in a bed and breakfast inn, a motel or be all for yourself in rooms of an apartment or flat. Some flats offer breakfast, lunch and / or dinner service just like in hotels, other small but snug apartments are furnished with everything you need to care for yourself, for example a built-in kitchen including coffee machine, microwave oven, cups, plates, bowls, silverware, pots and pans, a living room including TV and phone, etc.

Aerial view of Kamp Bornhofen with the pilgrimage church and the castles of Liebenstein and Sterrenberg.
Mosel River between Cochem and Trier, Bernkastel-Kues: 8 holiday flats up to 7 people, Family A. Radtke Up to 7 people, 45 to 80 sqm. Quiet central location, 200 meters from the Mosel River banks. Bread roll service, grill possibility, pick up service. Minimum of 5 overnight stays during Christmas or New Year's Eve.  
Bavaria, Romantic Road, German Castles Road, Rothenburg 2 Apartments Family Christ Gebsattel, Mittelfranken (Mid Franconia) near Burgenstrasse and Romantische Strasse. Up to 8 people, 55 to 65 m². Minimum of 3 overnight stays during Christmas, minimum of 4 overnight stays during New Year's Eve.  
Rhineland-Palatinate, Rhine River Hills, near Lorelei Rock Holiday flat Apartment Margot Daum Damscheid between Oberwesel, Lorelei and water castle Pfalz near Kaub. Hiking, biking. Apartment up to 5 people, 56 sqm, in a side road. First floor, renovated, kitchen and bathroom. Car transfer upon request.  
Rhineland-Palatinate, Rhine River Valley, near Loreley Rock Bed and Breakfast, Apartment Wessling Oberwesel-Weilerboppard, cheap prices, quiet side valley, lawn, wine alcove, grill corner, at the edge of a forest, swing, playground 200 meters. Pets allowed. Wine tasting. Up to 4 people, 40 sqm, Recreation room.  

If an appartement is too small for your vacationing group, then maybe a cottage is more suitable for you.
Some cottages are in fact in a semidetached house and the landlord or locator of your short-term home lives in the other half of the house estate. But of course, both houses mostly have separate entrance doors.
A lot of apartments and cottages also offer the same services as some hotels do – they offer to bring you fresh bread roll buns for breakfast to your front door.
As you can see, you don’t necessarily have to stay in an expensive villa or suite during the holidays in order to feel “at home”. So be sure to search for and check available rooms in time for your vacation. You can either do this on your own or let a travel agent help you in finding something. With a little luck, maybe he or she can even book you a so-called last minute offer.

There are a lot of different regions in Germany that are worth a visit either by train or you can rent a car from different car rentals throughout the entire country.
You could, for example, start a round trip and begin in one of the smallest German federal states, which is also the city, Hamburg, and lies below the German federal state Schleswig-Holstein. This lively city is most well-known for its famous “Reeperbahn” street with its several exciting shows. And English speaking people from the UK can even enjoy their beloved “fish and chips” here because Hamburg is also very well-known for its fabulous fish markets.
Then you can travel further to Bremen. Here you can visit the statue of the famous “Bremer Stadtmusikanten” (“Bremen city musicians”) which is a well-known children’s fairytale. Or you can visit the “Bremer Rathaus” (city hall of Bremen), which is one of the most impressive gothic style buildings in Europe and was declared a world heritage site in July 2004.
From Bremen you can travel further to the German federal state North Rhine-Westphalia and visit Dusseldorf (of course this is a big leap on the map, but if you want to, you could also visit other towns / cities that lie between Bremen and Dusseldorf such as Bielefeld).
In Dusseldorf you could visit the film museum, the botanical garden or a few of the numerous beautiful churches. After staying a while in Dusseldorf, be sure to also visit Cologne, which is only about 45 minutes away. The most famous attraction here is the Kolner Dom (Cologne Cathedral), which is also the city’s landmark.
But not only the cathedral is worth a visit. Be sure to also visit the Cologne Zoo, which was founded in 1860 and is one of the oldest zoological gardens (now of course, it’s also one of the most modern) and have a typical beer in Cologne – named “Kolsch”.

Germany, Rhine River Valley, Mainz, Rudesheim, Bacharach, Lorelei Rock, Koblenz Nonsmoking Canopy bed holiday apartment Hermann, ask for Last Minute Offers Central quiet location in Oberwesel on the Rhine river. Renovated in 2015, 55 sqm. Bedroom with historic four-poster bed and satellite TV, living room with sofa bed and satellite TV, kitchen, free Wi-Fi, balcony, terrace. Car parking. 4 boat landing stages. 630 meters from castle Schonburg. Favorable permanent rental price from Nov. to March.  
Rhine River cruises to visit German wine festivals in 2024 and 2025 Rhine River Lights firework displays with half day round boat cruises A spectacular firework display during a boat trip in the Middle Rhine River Valley between Koblenz / Coblence, Lahnstein, Boppard, St. Goar, Loreley Rock, Oberwesel, Bacharach, Assmannshausen, Bingen and Rudesheim. The boat cruise with DJ music and dance on board is starting from different wine towns with wine hikings and wine festivals.  

After perhaps spending a night in Cologne, you can travel further on to the next German federal state, Rhineland-Palatinate, and visit Koblenz (about 115 km away from Cologne). Besides the interesting city center and old town of Koblenz, it is a must to visit the “Deutsches Eck” (“German Corner”) where the Moselle and Rhine Rivers meet.
From Koblenz you could visit the “Fleckertshohe”. This is the highest elevation of the boundary of the Hunsruck Mountains and also a climatic spa. It belongs to the city district of Weiler, which belongs to the city Boppard – which, by the way, is also worth a visit.

Once in the Hunsruck Mountains, why not take a short walk or a hike? One tourism attraction on the left side of the Rhine River is the hiking path with the name Rhein Burgen Weg. It passes several castles on the left side of the Rhine River. The Rhein Burgen Weg goes from Rolandsbogen near Remagen (near Koblenz) to the Mauseturm (mouse tower) near Bingen. The “Fleckertshohe” and the small town Weiler lie near the world heritage site of the Middle Rhine Valley. Speaking of the Middle Rhine Valley, the most well-known towns here are most likely St. Goar (left side of the Rhine River) or St. Goarshausen (right side of the Rhine River) with the world famous Lorelei Rock.
When you visit the Lorelei Rock – which has a viewing platform – you must bring your camera with you in order to take pictures of the breathtaking scenery from the top of the Lorelei Rock overlooking the Rhine River.

The world-famous Lorelei rock near Sankt Goarshausen on the Middle Rhine.
In St. Goar, you can visit the cuckoo clock store with the world's largest free-hanging cuckoo clock or the crafts shop across the street with the famous and typical German beer stein mugs.
Also very interesting would be to participate in a wine tour with a guide through the vineyards with a subsequent wine tasting in a winery. After the wine tasting, you’re most likely to want to spend the night in St. Goar before you visit the next interesting towns the next day, which would be Oberwesel with its medieval town defense wall which you can walk on or the castle Schonburg which thrones high above the town.
Oberwesel on the Rhine River is a medieval town that has been successfully growing wine for 2000 years.
Another castle worth a visit is the castle Sooneck in the rural district of Mainz-Bingen. It stands on the north-eastern slope of the Bingen forest not far from the small town of Niederheimbach between Bingen and Bacharach on the Rhine River. You can either visit the castles on your own or together with guides.

A further highlight while visiting the Middle Rhine River Valley is to take the car ferry in Bingen and ride across the river to Rudesheim on the right side of the Rhine River.
There’s also a hiking path on the right side of the Rhine River called Rheinsteig. The Rheinsteig is a hiking path from Wiesbaden-Biebrich (Biebrich is a city district of Wiesbaden) to Bonn and passes all castles on the right side of the Rhine River. In Rudesheim, it’s a must to visit the famous “Drosselgasse” and take a ride in the chair lift up to the Niederwald monument. The reason for building the monument was the Franco-German War of 1870 / 71 and the following foundation of the German Empire. If you happen to visit Rudesheim during the month of December, you also have to visit the world famous Christmas market and take photos of the impressive show of lights in the evening.

Car and passenger ferry between Bingen and Rüdesheim.
The next bigger city to visit would be Wiesbaden. This is the capital city of the German federal state Hesse and – with its more than 15 thermal and mineral springs – one of the oldest spas in Europe. So why not treat yourself to some wellness during your stay there? Wiesbaden is also the second biggest city in Hesse. Several areas of the outskirts (but yet near the city center) are used as or were used as US military bases. The north-eastern US American housings Aukamm, Crestview and Hainerberg Village still serve as housing zones today for the American armed forces of the military airport
Erbenheim. The next big city to visit is Frankfurt on the Main River in Hessen. Most of the people who think about the city on the Main River think about the Frankfurt airport (the third biggest in Europe), the Paulskirche (Paul’s church), the famous poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and the Frankfurt wieners. They may also think about the stock exchange market, the skyline and the world-wide biggest book fair. Typical Frankfurt things are culinary specialties like the “Handkas mit Musik” (a cheese specialty served with onions in vinaigrette), “Grune Sosse” (a cold herb sauce, mainly made with vegetable oil and eggs or mayonnaise or with sour cream) and especially “Stoffche”, an apple wine. A highlight for your ears is the “Grosse Stadtgelaute” (big town ringing) of several church bells that ring together in concert on the following days: Saturday before the 1st Advent, Christmas Eve, Saturday before Easter Sunday and Saturday before Whitsunday.
Braunfels Castle is located near Wetzlar in Hesse.

Two cities that are worth a visit are also Ludwigshafen and Mannheim. These two cities are in 2 different German federal states – Ludwigshafen in Rhineland-Palatinate and Mannheim in Baden-Wurttemberg – but yet both very easy to reach because a bridge joins them. So if you wanted to, you could rent a bike at a bicycle rental in Ludwigshafen, cross the bridge with the bike to Mannheim and then ride back.
Ludwigshafen has several parks for visitors and residents have the possibility to forget the hectic city life for a moment and come to rest. The parks of Ludwigshafen are the result of the planning of the city and green areas during the past one hundred years. The Ebertpark is classified as the classic city park, it is architecturally affected, differentiated designed as well as a representative garden landscape in the city and the numerous smaller parks in the city districts belong to it.
And since it’s not that far away, be sure to also visit the old Electoral Palatinate residence city of Heidelberg. Things worth a visit here are the ruins of the Heidelberg castle, the “Old Bridge” or the hiking path Philosophenweg (“philosopher's way”).

After visiting the above mentioned area of Germany, travel further on to visit Stuttgart, the Triberg Valley, Titisee in the Black Forest and Freiburg. In Stuttgart, there are lots of different things to visit for everybody’s interest: architecture, castles and palaces, gardens and parks, churches and convents, museums, towers and lookout points as well as famous streets and places. In Triberg you must of course visit the waterfalls: the city with Germany’s highest waterfalls. The waterfalls are even lighted in the evening until about 10:00 p.m. which offers a breathtaking view. The Schwarzwaldbahn (Black Forest Rail) is also a must to visit and ride. It joins Offenburg and Singen on a distance of 149 km.

A very well-known German federal state to visit is Bavaria (Bayern) with cities such as Fussen with the famous castle Neuschwanstein or Friedrichshafen near Lake Constance, which borders Germany, Switzerland and Austria.
Another sightseeing place is Berchtesgaden, which lies about 30 km of Salzburg in Austria. Bad Reichenhall, which belongs to the Berchtesgaden Land, is a spa town and the traditional center of salt production. Oberammergau is a community that’s also worth a visit and lies in the upper Bavarian rural district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Oberammergau is most famous for its Passion Play that takes place every ten years.
The Linderhof Palace (in German Schloss Linderhof) is also near Oberammergau and is the smallest of the three castles built by King Ludwig II. It is the only one he lived to see completed.

Another spa town to visit is Ruhpolding. No matter what you’re looking for – if it’s winter, summer, family or wellness vacation, you can find all of this in Ruhpolding. The Chiemsee, also called Bavarian Sea, is the biggest freshwater lake in Bavaria. It is the third biggest lake in Germany after Lake Constance and Lake Muritz. The Chiemsee lies between Rosenheim in Germany and Salzburg in Austria.
The territory around the Chiemsee is called Chiemgau, is a well-known recreation region and therefore also worth a visit. The next region to visit would be the Allgau, which lies south of Bavarian Swabia. This area is famous for its breathtaking scenery and is favored for vacations and also for stays for people who need therapeutic treatments.

If you’re in that specific region, you must also of course visit the capital city of Bavaria, which is Munich (Munchen). There are innumerable sightseeings to visit in Munich, but it’s not possible to list them all, so here are ten of the top 20: the cathedral Church of Our Lady, New City Hall on the market place Marienplatz, the church St. Peter, the brewery Hofbrauhaus, the Alter Hof – the first imperial residence in Germany, the catholic church St. Kajetan, the residence building – from where the kings of Wittelbach used to reign; today it’s numerous rooms are used for classic concerts and the state’s collection of Egyptian arts are accommodated here, the German Museum, the castle Schloss Nymphenburg with the natural history museum inside and the zoo Hellabrunn, which was founded in 1911 as the first geo zoo in the world.

After spending some time in Munich, travel further on to Rothenburg o. d. T. This town is famous for its well-preserved Old Town from the Middle Ages with lots of interlaced narrow streets, towers and small places surrounded by half-timbered frame houses. That’s why this town became an attraction for tourists from all over the world and in foreign countries it’s said to be the prototype of a medieval German town.
The next well-known city to visit after Rothenburg ob der Tauber would be Nuremberg (Nurnberg). Together with its neighboring cities Furth, Erlangen and Schwabach, it builds a megalopolis where 1.2 million people live. Nuremberg has numerous sightseeings to visit such as the Germanic National Museum, the Albrecht-Durer-Haus, the New Museum for Art and Design or the impressive castle facility of the Kaiserburg. If you'd rather like a sightseeing tour outdoors, you can choose to visit one of the numerous architectural monuments.

Mespelbrunn Castle is a moated castle in the Franconia region of Bavaria.
After visiting Bavaria, you can travel further eastwards and visit a few cities in east Germany. Three of the most famous would most likely be Dresden, which is also called “Elbflorenz” (Florence of the Elbe River) – originally because of its art collection, but also because of its baroque and Mediterranean architecture in the scenically charming location near the river or Leipzig with the well-known Leipzig Zoo and the Kohlrabizirkus, a domed structure building or Berlin with Checkpoint Charlie, Berliner Dom or the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor).
From Berlin you could even travel to another neighboring European country, namely Poland. You could do some cheap shopping here, for example clothes, tabacco products or lots of other souvenirs. A well-known region to visit here is Pomerania. From Berlin you can travel further on and visit other interesting cities before you end your round trip and travel back to Hamburg.
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